Astrology is a language . if you understand this language, the sky speaks to you 

are you in search of self trajectory ?

I am that

  In the beginning
There was neither existence nor nonexistence,
This entire world was manifest energy....
The one breathed, without breath, by its own power
Nothing else was there.....
(Hymn of Creation, the Rig Veda)
Time is horse that moves with seven rays, with a thousand eyes, undecaying, who projects a manifolds seed. Him the seer. mount illumined in mind. His wheels are the worlds. Time moves seven heels. he has seven mouths, whose center is immortal and undecaying. He anoints himself with all these worlds. He moves as the first of the gods. A full vessel is set in time. May we who live see his manifold forms? He faces all the worlds, who, the seers says, is the time in the supreme void. He gathered all the worlds together. He encompasses the entire universe. As their father, he became their son, apart from whom there is no other light.
(Atharva Veda xix23-4)
Time is the original power that rules the universe, for all things originate through time. The world is time, and each second manifests the simultaneous creation and destruction of the universe. The laws of time are the basic laws that structure all things. Hence, to be in aware of time is no mere superstition. According to the ancients, time is a movement, which possesses a certain rhythm. It is not an abstract vacuum as with Newton. It is a river of life that flows according to music of the spheres. Time projects the plan of manifestation, which externalize as space. Time gives birth to sustain all things, which are just waves in its flow, as it overflows eternity. Astrology is absolutely science of tendencies and free will it does not imply or comply fatalism at all. Those who know Astrology can only indicate in a way what all take places in future. Who else, Creator Brahma, can say with certainty what will definitely happen! If you are ready to allow your free will and positive approach towards life .You are welcome for astrological consultation on-line, chat and phone or chart-reading, personal consultation on prior appointment only. I calculate your chart on computer but predictive part can be fulfilled by intuitive ability and one’s approach towards life. I do not give computer generated answers and I personally read horoscope precisely hence I always pray for positive and relative importance to subject and its relevance in contemporary life. Life is not what we make it it has been predestined.


Who am I ?

  I am a practicing Visual artist and astrologer based in Mumbai. I am born and brought up in Mandasaur in Madhya Pradesh . I have studied BFA Painting at the M. S. University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda in 1995, for which I was awarded Babubhai Jashbhai Patel silver Jubilee gold medal. I have continued my studies at the M.S. University to obtain P.G. Diploma in creative painting in 1998. In 1997-98, I was awarded Residency Program at Ecole Du Beaux arts, by Ministry of Culture France. Inlaks Foundation. New Delhi. Alembic Chemicals, Baroda. as I am  born and brought up in Hindu Family and nurtured Astrology under my maternal  grand father since from childhood days and I have given further extension during my academic years in Baroda. I have moved to Mumbai .I have  pursued a astrology diploma from centre of excellence UK  although  I have explored  classical tradition and contemporary astrology. I have worked with many  orange cellphone services and Sakshi Infotel and between 2003 to 2006 and I have  read thousands of horoscopes and many predictions on my credit given correct. I find myself very mature enough on both zodiacs tropical and sidereal and well versed in Astrology and visual culture. I have read many celebrities horoscopes and elite art connoisseur; art collectors have my works, which is conceptualized on Astrology and contemporary life. I was awarded Cultural Fellowship by Ministry of culture India and I am recipient of Guru Dronacharya Samman. My expertise area in astrology is horary astrology and marriage, love, profession and mundane astrology and stock market remedial measures etc. I have participated in several significant group shows and residencies within and outside India. My works titled 'Radioactive Wrappings' and 'Transit' were shown in solo shows at the Chatterjee and Lal gallery in 2006 and 2005.   I Have been connected to academics at the Rachna Sansad academy of architecture AFAC in Mumbai since...and continues my designation as senior lecturer there. Some of my passions are Vedic and Western astrology, Dxing, reading, meeting people and visiting places. ​i am a member of Indian council for astrological sciences and international  alliances of  holistic therapists  I am well versed in predictive astrology.      

Lets allow your free will

  · We all are being born with free will and I would love to read you birth chart and planetary position and i do not provide computersied readings all astrological readings will be based on psychic and intuitive ability and astrological canons.But before something auspicious and inauspicious your chart indicate I appeal and request you to read terms & conditions before so that no stone should be unturned astrologically or observing remedial measures. · All consultations will be based on charts cast on the B V Raman Ayanmasa or Lahiri Ayanmasa . There cannot be a given or implied guarantee for the fulfillment of the predictions made or for any products supplied and no responsibility whatsoever for the consequences arising thereof is undertaken here, will be assumed or taken, in the present or in future. Once the consultation is done, no further correspondence on it will be entertained.  · Please, send the relevant and full case history together with the complete and correct birth date. · If incorrect birth details are furnished knowingly or unknowingly and a consultation is made, a fresh remittance in full has to be given for a fresh consultation, if required by the client.  · The fee once paid will not be refunded nor will any adjustments be made under any circumstances.  · The time required is anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks depending on the work load after a full confirmation of the order. Do not send any reminders, as those will not be honored. Any important development during the waiting period must be notified immediately. · In case of a delay in giving the consultation due to unavoidable circumstances, a request can be made for refunding the money. No interest, however, will be paid on that. All predictions will be based on the Hindu Astrological Canons.  · The astrologer reserves the right to reject any predictive work at any point of time before or after his confirmation of the order without assigning any reason whatsoever.  PDF horoscope will be sent  on your email address and hard copy of horoscope (printed)will be provided on request. All the furnished information will be treated in confidence. The judicial area will be Mumbai or Virar Vasai and Thane 

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